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Custom Web Design

PatientDocs will take a custom approach to your website design, working closely with you to capture the essence and brand of your practice. We don't use templates, standardized images or animations.

Branding - If you do not currently have a brand/logo we will help you build and design one that properly represents the look, color scheme and vibe of your practice.

Patient Driven Design - There are 3 main reasons why prospective patients visit a website. We design with these three reasons in mind:

  1. What do you have to offer me?

    Patients want to know what services and/or possible discounts your practice has to offer. We build tabs that invite the patient to act upon an "offer". Whether it be an offer to "click here for a discounted or free service" or a "click here to schedule an appointment" we want to invite the patient to take action. Within one click we are getting you new patient information.

  2. Can I trust you?

    Patients want to find a good, reliable, reputable doctor. We convey this trust through your website in two main ways (a) A strong and reliable brand properly represented throughout your web design says that you are established, professional and most importantly trust worthy. (b) Google recently released a study that shows you have 8 seconds to make a good impression with your web presence. We avoid using flash animation and/or heavy loading images that tend to only slow down the loading process. (How many times have you clicked the back button due to a slow loading web-site?)

  3. Where are you located?

    It is important to remember that one of the main reasons prospective patients go to your website is to simply find out where you are located. We build a mapping tool into your site where the patient can enter their address and access specific directions from their place to yours. (We don't want to drive them away from your site by taking them to a third party mapping website, so we build the tool into your site.) We want to give the patient the impression that you are the most conveniently located doctor in the area.

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Honest Assessment

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