dental website design

We will create a new website for your dental practice to attract more patients to your office. Our dental website designers our on staff to design your new website based off any requests you may have. That way you can create a custom website that closely resembles your practice and/or office. We create custom dental web 2.0 designs that combine functionality with a solid good looking graphic design.

dental website design
  • Professionally designed dental websites that build the Brand and Image of your Practice.
  • Promote unique Skills & Services
  • Answer Frequently Asked Questions online
  • Sell recommended products online
  • Use online surveys for patient feedback
Dental Appointment Reminders

Given the fact that messaging services are the most popular and rapidly growing forms of communication today, you need a tool that can automate electronic communications along with other methods. The Med eMail™ Tool will literally become your most powerful interoffice Patient Relationship tool.

Dental Appointment Reminders
  • Templates for Emails & Letters — You can design graphical (HTML) and/or Plain Text email, letter or post card templates, or choose from our pre-designed templates that will be personalized when sent to your patients
  • Templates for any Occasion — Design literally hundreds of templates for any occasion. Birthdays, anniversaries, follow ups, newsletters, or most importantly Appointment Reminders
  • Patient Interaction Reminders — Arguably the most important part of the system is that you get reminded if you haven't had an interaction with a patient for certain period of time
  • Alternate Interactions — If for some reason your patient doesn't have an email address, create a personalized letter or post card on the fly to send to them; or just get reminders that you need to call your patients to give them the message over the phone
  • Email Office Forms — Email all the necessary forms or other files to your patients to fill out before they come into the office
Med eForms

With Med eForms™, new patients can fill out and submit their forms to you before they come to the office. We call them Online Patient Forms. That way, you don't have people waiting in your waiting room. We call it "No waiting room", making your office more productive and more enjoyable for your patient, since they don't have to sit around and wait all day for your services.

PatientDocs will not only make your forms available on the web, but we will also redesign them for you so that they have a consistent look with your new website design. By having new patients fill out these forms online rather than in your office, you will increase productivity with your office staff, enabling them to accomplish more during the day and making your practice more profitable!

Med eForms
  • Professionally re-design your office forms for both print and Internet use.
  • Convert your forms to Automated Med eForms™ allowing your patients to complete them online at home.
  • Add help pop-ups for each field on your forms as well as Validity Checks to verify that all information is entered properly.
  • Provide 2 methods of Med eForm™ delivery:
    1. Online Access
    2. Emailed
Dental SEO

Why have a website with online patient forms if nobody can find you? We have created Med eRank™ to go along with our services. Med eRank™ is our service that get's you listed in the top local directories and search engines on the internet.

Directories such as,, and Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. We have found this approach to be the proven way for your practice to BE FOUND on the internet. By us listing you on online local yellow pages, you are also listed high in major search engines such as Google.

This Dental SEO strategy results in many new patients each year for your practice.

Dental Search Engine Optimization