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Online Patient Forms will take YOUR current set of forms, re-design and automate them, and make them available for patients to fill out and submit them to your office online. When doing such we make sure to:

  • Lay out the form in a clear and easy to understand format
  • Make sure the questions and fields make sense and have enough room for a sufficient answer
  • Use the practice brand (logo and colors) to make the forms more friendly and professional
  • Build in validation of required information.  This means that they cannot submit the form unless  valid information has been properly recorded in the “required” fields.

When a patient fills the forms out online and submits them electronically to your office, life is good:

  • No paper in the process
  • Patient doesn’t have to remember to bring in any mailed or emailed forms
  • Less waiting room time for the patient
  • Fewer insurance claim problems
  • Now you have a reason to invite all your patients to go to and actually USE your website

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